Acts of Imagination

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"thematically rich and complex narrative… Combs's unvarnished and raw approach to the characters and their world results in an exceptional intimacy. As Katya, Hayes is a discovery.” Marguerite Pigott, Toronto International Film Festival."
- Marguerite Pigott, Toronto International Film Festival

"Cinematically vibrant, making beautiful use of sensual close-ups and hand-held camera, this accomplished first feature by Carolyn Combs recalls the West Coast "New Wave" … "
- Vancouver International Film Festival

"exquisitely acted … successfully tackling subjects that film makers in Ukraine have not attempted thus far… the psychology of a young generation of Ukrainians for whom the period of independence turned into a shattered dream"
- Yuri Shevchuk, Telekritica, Ukraine

"…a film that invigorates, infuriates and fascinates."
- Viewmag, Hamilton

"In bringing the past into the present, like a psychosis, in the way Katya’s mysterious psyche is haunted by the genocidal Famine of 1933, the film reminds us of Ingmar Bergman."
- Marta Farion, Ukrainian Institue of Modern Art

"a Wim Wenders-like metaphor… a beautiful contemplation"
- The Republic, Vancouver

"Lyrically shot and with a mature economy in the writing, …the movie is the come-from-nowhere surprise in the crowd"
- Glen Schaeffer, Vancouver Province

"… the broader context is the troubled politics of the 20th century and the legacy of socialism in particular… highly recommended for those who prefer intelligent and thought-provoking movies."
- Louis Proyect, The Unrepentant Marxist

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Official Selections:

The Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto, Canada
September 2009

The Calgary International Film Festival

Calgary, Canada
September 2006

The Vancouver International Film Festival

Vancouver, Canada
October 2006

The Edmonton International Film Festival

Edmonton, Canada
October 2006

The Pusan International Film Festival

Pusan, Korea
October 2006

Moving Pictures Canadian Films on Tour

British Columbia, Canada
January 2007

Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival

Victoria, Canada
February 2007

Dartmouth Festival, Favel Theatre

Dartmouth, UK
March 2007

St. Donats Arts Festival

Wales, UK
March 2007

Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts

Aarhus, Denmark
April 2007

Post Revolution Blues Film Festival

Chicago, United States
August 2007

Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts

Aarhus, Denmark
April 2007

Ukrainian Zabava

Toronto, Canada
August 2007

North West Film Forum, Local Sightings

Seattle, United States
October 2007

Molodist International Film Festival

Kyiv, Unkraine
October 2007

Women in Film Festival

Vancouver, Canada
March 2008

Women in Film Festival

Vancouver, Canada
March 2008

Canadian Theatrical Release

November, 2007
The Royal Cinema, Toronto
The Cinematheque, Winnipeg,
Metro Cinema, Edmonton,

Canadian Broadcast

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